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Steven and Echo

Steven Taylor is now able to play golf again and has a new girlfriend thanks to Echo.

The car accident changed everything. Before the accident, Steven Taylor from Farnborough in Hampshire, England, considered himself to be "the life and soul of the party." He says that he was very hard working throughout the work week and on Fridays; he would normally go out with some friends and "have a good laugh about the whole week basically." According to his Mother, while traveling with his girlfriend to Northamptonshire, the two were involved in a terrible car accident. He says that he does not have any memory of the accident, but knows that he suffered four head fractures and three neck fractures. He also knows that his girlfriend did not survive.

Steven says that he realized that he had lost his hearing about two or three months after the accident after he woke up from his coma. He says that he felt very isolated from the world and no longer socialized with friends. He says that he struggled with his new "silent life" and became heavily depended on his family, especially his mother.

His mother told him that he had been nominated to receive a hearing dog and to Steven, "it was the best feeling in the world because I have always loved dogs." Steven was matched with Echo and says that his dog is a "totally amazing, loyal, clever dog that has completely transformed my life not only by alerting me to the vital sounds I can no longer hear, but by building a bridge between me and people who have hearing.

Thanks to Echo, Steven says that he now has his life back and that he's taken up golf again, has a new girlfriend, and a new home. He still has a little trouble with balance from the head injuries, but Echo has given him the confidence to go out in public again and to live his life to the fullest.