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Heeler Defends Against Alligator

Blue licks his wounds.

It was just another evening for 83-year-old Ruth Gay. While in the backyard of her Fort Myers, FL home, she slipped and fell, dislocating her shoulders, breaking her nose and sustaining injuries that left her unable to move. Though she yelled for help in vain, she was comforted by Blue, the family's Australian Blue Heeler. With her family away on a trip to the beach, and no close neighbors, Blue laid by her side.

Soon, two-year-old Blue became agitated and began to growl. He left Gay's side, running into the darkness, toward the nearby canal. Gay says that she heard noises that sounded like fighting, though she could not see in through the darkness. Blue returned to her side once again but left soon afterwards to protect Gay from the unseen assailant. Gay could hear Blue yelping and whining, when suddenly, all went quiet. She believed that her beloved Blue had been killed.

On the contrary, Blue had not only survived, he led her family to her injured side. Gay's daughter describes how Blue had met the car, dripping wet, jumping and barking until the family followed him to Gay's side.

Blue was treated at the Suburban Animal Hospital where it was determined that he had attacked a 6- to 12-foot long alligator that had been spotted earlier in the day in a nearby creek. Strong rainfall had caused the creek to overflow onto the banks. Blue was able to scare off the alligator and kept him away from Gay.

The alligator chewed up Blue pretty good, causing about 30 bite wounds and lacerations. Released to his family, Blue will be given a victory feast once he is healed and able to chow down again.

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