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Toby Saves Owner Using Heimlich

When Debbie Parkhurst rescued Golden Retriever Toby from a dumpster, she never knew just how valuable he would be. When the Calvert, MD woman got a chunk of apple lodged in her windpipe, she tried to remove it herself by leaning over a chair but it did not work. The apple seemed to be lodged very tight because Parkhurst could not breathe.

That's when Toby went into action. He jumped up and placed his paws on her shoulders, pushing her to the ground. Once she was on her back, Toby began to jump up and down on her chest. The apple was dislodged and soon Parkhurst began to breathe. Toby then began to lick her face to keep her from passing out. Parkhurst's friend arrived in time to see Toby performing the Heimlich and drove Parkhurst to the hospital. Parkhurst says that she "has paw print-shaped bruises on my chest." Though still a little hoarse, she is fine.

Toby's veterinarian is baffled by the dog's response. He never expected that Toby would have the training or the knowledge to do what he did. Toby was once a throw-away; however, he has now gone from dumpster to doctor.