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Hero Jackson

Although he was only 8-months-old, Jackson’s keen senses kicked in one evening as he was enjoying a quiet evening with his owner Jaffrey Pattie. Jackson became agitated and began running through the house. Thinking that he may have been bitten by a bee, the Rahway, NJ man tried to calm the Doberman Pinscher with food so that he could check him out. Instead of eating, the Doberman tore through the screen door trying to get outside. Deciding to let the dog out, Pattie opened the door and Jackson bolted outside. Running to the back of the yard, he began to jump up and down on the fence that divided the Pattie property from his neighbor’s yard.

As Jackson continued to jump, Pattie heard a faint cry for help. He peered over the fence and discovered his 90-year-old neighbor lying on the ground underneath a door that fallen on top of her as she stepped outside to do a few chores. Jeffrey quickly called 911.

It seems that the woman had been under the door for several hours and the Emergency Medical Technicians believe that she may not have survived if Jackson had not brought assistance. For his act of heroism, Jackson was nominated for the 2010 Dogs of Valor Award sponsored by the Humane Society of the United States.