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Heroes Just Happen

Snowflake was able to see her neighbor as she tried to knock on the door.

Gloria Williams loves her dog Snowflake. She describes the Aussie as very intelligent, very protective and says that everywhere she goes, Snowflake follows her. What she did not know was that Snowflake would add hero to her list of attributes.

During the wee hours of the morning, Snowflake and Gloria were sleeping peacefully upstairs. The canine heard a faint sound outside and went to investigate. The Aussie is able to sit on the steps and looked out of the backdoor to see what had made the sounds. "That morning, I had such a severe pain in my chest, and I knew she was a nurse," explains neighbor Anne Moncrief. "I just came to her back door and I was knocking and I was slumped over. I couldn't stand up because the pain was so severe. Snowflake knows me right away and soon as she saw me knocking on the door, she ran back to get Mrs. Williams."

"She knew something was wrong because she never barks at my neighbor," remembers Gloria. Snowflake then jumped on the bed and began to bark which was something that she never did, so Gloria got up, followed her dog and found Anne at the back door.

Gloria called 911 and they took Anne to the hospital where it was discovered that she had experienced a full blown heart attack. "I love her," says Anne. "I love this dog. She is great, she really is."

Because of her life-saving skills, Snowflake was nominated for the New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association's Animal Hall of Fame. Every year, the New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association (NJVMA) honors the human-animal bond by recognizing special animals that have made a difference in someone's life. She was nominated by her Vet, Dr. Gerald Greco. "We nominated Snowflake because of her heroic efforts in saving Mrs. Williams' neighbor, expresses Dr. Greco. "I believe that Snowflake is an exceptional dog and even though the breed is such that I can see it happening, as to how she was able literary to save a life, and I'm proud of her."

Snowflake seems to be taking the hero thing in stride and strives to be a loving, loyal and faithful companion to Gloria.

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