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K9 Saves Lost Autistic Boy

Maverick with his handler Deputy Danny Dipietro.

The nose of a dog does not lie; especially if that nose belongs to a highly trained police dog. One police dog proved that theory quickly when he saved the life of a missing autistic boy who had gotten stuck in a creek in Washington County, Oregon.

The little 8 year old boy was reported missing at 5:42 p.m. on a Sunday evening and the local sheriff immediately sent out his deputies to search for him, including K9 Officer Maverick. The German Shepherd led the team to a heavily wooded area that his handler, Deputy Danny Dipietro, said that they may have not otherwise searched. "I put Maverick down there, and he just took off," he said. Thanks to the K9's nose, officials were led straight to the boy, who was stuck in the middle of the cold creek.

Maverick is credited with locating the little boy so quickly which prevented him from being swept under or even suffering from hypothermia. "Without Maverick there would've been a really long delay," said Dipietro. "Maverick's the hero here, not me."

Maverick was rewarded with a toy and a belly rub for his good work.