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Lab Sets World Record

Jordan leaps from the dock during a recent Dockdogs event. Photo by Jeff Banaszek

Jordan began her life as the runt of the litter. Now she is known worldwide for her athleticism and her ability to jump and retrieve faster than any other dog. She is known as the Michael Phelps of the dog world and is listed as the number one dog for Speed Retrieve in the nationally-known Dock Dogs competition.

Although she is just three-years-old, the chocolate Labrador Retriever set the world record during the St. Louis Boat Show in February. For dogs, the event is the doggy Olympics for dock jumping.

Speed Retrieve tests the dog's speed swimming abilities. With a running start, the dogs jump into a pool and are timed on how quickly they are able to retrieve a duck or toy. Jordan's first broke the world record last year with a time of 5.25 seconds. During the event in February, "Air" Jordan blew the competition out of the water with an unbelievable time of 5.079 seconds.

But Jordan didn't stop there. During the finals at the event, Jordan with handler Sean McCarthy, literary flew through the air to take home the gold in the Pro Finals event, which is the long jump equivalent for canine athletes. Her final jump was an amazing 27 feet 1 inch!

"I do a lot of conditioning with her," says handler McCarthy. "She runs on the treadmill every day, especially in the winter, when we can't get outside as much. Unfortunately, she hasn't trained me to run on the treadmill yet," McCarthy jokes. "We play a lot of Frisbee and fetch with the Chuckit, and I also watch her nutrition really closely, always reading up on food and supplements." McCarthy admits that Jordan has stolen his heart. She sleeps in his bed and gets the royal treatment at her doggy day care. "She'd be considered my child, and my parents consider her their grandchild," he said of Jordan.

Although Jordan's jump was impressive, the current world record belongs to a Greyhound/Coonhound mix named Country, that, in 2005, sailed an astonishing 28 feet 10 inches and still holds the record today. Country and his owner, Kevin Meese, are from Pennsylvania.

You are cordially invited to attend the nationally known Dock Dogs competition that will be held here this weekend at Care-A-Lot Pet Supply in Virginia Beach, VA. The 2011 Pet Lover's Extravaganza will offer canine participants the chance to compete in several events, including Outdoor BIG AIR®, Speed Retrieve and Extreme Vertical (high jump contest). The dog with the longest jump in the BIG AIR® Wave Competition who breaks the current record will win a 2011 Dog Friendly Honda Element.

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