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Lovable Monty

Monty bit his owner to save her life.

Patricia Peter did not plan to adopt another orange cat, but when she visited her local animal shelter and the adorable cat laid his head on her, she knew she had to take him home. The cat-loving Patricia of Alberta, BC bonded immediately with Monty, which began a connection that would save her life.

One evening, Patricia awoke to Monty biting her left finger. Recently diagnosed with diabetes, it was the same finger that she tested her blood sugar levels on. Patricia tried to push Monty away and go back to sleep, but the little feline was so persistent that Patricia decided to go to the kitchen to test her sugar levels. As she arose from the bed she felt very dizzy. As she was walking to the kitchen, her vision became blurry and she was experiencing weakness in her legs. She then noticed that Monty was right by her side rubbing against her leg. As she slowly made her way to the kitchen, Monty then ran ahead and jumped on the counter right next to her testing kit.

Patricia tested her blood sugar and found that it was down to a low of 2.7 (normal levels run between 5 and 7). She treated her low sugar level with sugar tablets and went to lay down on the sofa. Monty persistently kept her awake until she was able to retest 15 minutes later. The second reading showed a normal level. She then turned to Monty and asked, "Time to go bed now?" Monty indicated a yes by running back to her bedroom and jumping on the bed. He laid at her side for the rest of the night as she slept.

Patricia shared her story with her doctor who believed that if Monty had awoken her that night and prompted her to test her blood sugar levels, she could have fallen into a diabetic coma or had a diabetic seizure. "I have a lot of respect for the bond between people and their pets," explains Patricia's doctor, "and I think in this case, the cat really did a unique thing. And I think the miracle fraternity should take note of. Animals have been found to be able to sense much earlier than we would that a patient with diabetes is having an episode. They can taste in your sweat or they can smell it. For that reason, I do think that animals play an important role in our lives."

Because of his devotion to his owner, Monty has been inducted into the Purina® Animal Hall of Fame™. His proud owners think his honor is "pretty amazing." Patricia always thought what he did for her was amazing, but now, everyone will know what a very special cat Monty truly is. She calls him her companion and friend, her lifesaver, little hero and guardian angel.

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