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The Love of My Life

Bradley knew just what to do to save his unconscious owner.

Bradley, a Rottweiler-Doberman Pinscher mix was the last one in his litter. He had been labeled a "problem dog" by the shelter where he lived because whenever anyone would take him out of the cage, he would bite at them. Tamara Howard of Neptune, NJ was warned too, but she said that something about the little puppy tugged at her heart so she took him home. Tamara describes Bradley as "her constant companion and the love of her life."

But Bradley became so much more to Tamara than that. "I had knee surgery go very, very wrong and had a very serious complication and I was bedbound for quite a while and of course he was with the whole time, right by my side," explains Tamara.

One evening as Tamara struggled to get up to go to the bathroom, her incision began to bleed profusely, causing her to lose consciousness on the bathroom floor. She awoke with Bradley pawing at her shoulder and the cordless phone on the floor beside her. Tamara was just barely able to dial 911 before losing consciousness again.

Tamara is convinced that if it were not for Bradley, she would not have made it. "To this day, I don't know who he knew to get me the phone so I could call for help," says Tamara. "Without him, I would have bled out on the floor. I tell him, he's my light and life, and he truly is."

Because of his quick actions, Bradley was inducted into the New Jersey Animal Hall of Fame. He was nominated by his vet Dr. Gene Wefer of Oakhurst Veterinary hospital and veterinary technician Lori Kelly. Dr. Wefer has been Bradley's vet for over 15 years and describes Bradley as a dog with an extraordinary amount of intelligence and just a great dog.

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