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Lucy The Lifesaver

Lucy limped with severe injuries to find help for her owner after both were hit by a speeding car.

It seems that John Miles, of Dorchester, Mass. has a Lassie-type dog on his hands. He was out walking Lucy, his 8-year-old Husky/Beagle mix last month when they were both struck by a speeding car. Miles was seriously injured, sustaining two broken legs, a broken arm and 15 facial fractures, but he says that he doesn't remember what happened that evening.

When Miles was hit by the car, he blacked out and that's when Lucy took over. Although the little dog was also injured, she managed to limp to a nearby dentist's office and continued to bark until she was able to get someone's help. She then "limped back and stayed by John's side until emergency crews arrived."

"By the time the police and animal control officers arrived," the Angell Animal Medical Center said in a press release, "Lucy had braced herself against the nearly unconscious John, refusing to leave his side even as he was lifted into the ambulance."

Emergency workers had to use Lucy's ID tags to indentify Miles, who was not carrying a wallet at the time.

"I'm very happy that Lucy did what she did," Miles said. "Makes me feel wonderful because if a dog as good as her can get recognition for doing something above and beyond, good for her."

Lucy suffered a torn ACL and leg fractures and both had to undergo surgery for their injuries. "Lucy reminds us all of the important role animals play in our lives," Dr. Meghan Sullivan, the veterinarian who performed Lucy's surgery, said. "She's a true hero."

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