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Naughty Bichon Saves Neighbor

As Linda Deutsch of New York tried to enter the elevator in her building to take her Bichon Frise, Lexi, for a walk, the little powder puff would not cooperate. As she continued to pull against her owner, Deutsch thought she was just being a naughty girl. Finally, after several tries, Deutsch decided to let the little dog go towards the direction that she was pulling. As she followed the Bichon, she suddenly heard a faint cry for help.

It seems that one of her neighbors had collapsed in his Brooklyn apartment and was unable to move. Deutsch summoned the building supervisor who found that the 85-year-old Charles Postler had been lying helplessly on the floor for hours. He was treated at a local hospital.

The little Bichon is being hailed a hero for helping with the rescue. The man’s son, Charles Postler, Jr., is thankful for little Lexi. “People say that dogs are man’s best friend and this proves it all over again,” he says.