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Opera Singing Hound

Judith Dodsworth and Pikelet singing.

There is one hound in Melbourne, Australia who is known to have perfect pitch. The singing canine is Pikelet and he is a Greyhound who has been singing opera since he was a puppy. Pikelet's owner is highly-acclaimed Melbourne City Opera performer Judith Dodsworth who says that the canine virtuoso simply began mimicking her while she rehearsed at home.

"We knew on day one. As soon as I opened my mouth, he started singing," she describes. "We thought we could train him not to, but it soon became clear that wasn't going to happen." Whether she likes it or not, Pikelet continues to accompany Judith on her daily singing sessions. "He's not bad. He's pretty loud and pretty high," she says.

The opera singer plans to take the Greyhound with her on the road, although he will not be invited to sing along with the troupe. Judith thinks that he might drown everyone out with his booming voice

When asked if he has a musical preference, Judith just says that any good Italian aria will do.