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Princess Saves Damsel in Distress

Jessica and her dog Princess. (Photo taken from ABC News Ch. 6)

It was 2:40 p.m. on a Friday afternoon, and 10-year-old Jessica McMahon of Cherry Hill, NJ had taken her half Labrador Retriever and half German Shepherd dog, Princess, for a walk. As they proceeded down the street of their neighborhood, a man suddenly jumped out from behind a tree.

The sudden movement of the stranger startled Princess, who took off running in the other direction. "When he popped out, my dog got scared and started to run this way, so I ran with her towards my house," Jessica told the police.

As Princess continued to pull Jessica down the street and into their front yard, the man caught up to them and reached for Jessica's neck. When he grabbed at her neck, he caught her necklace and broke it off. It was then that Princess got angry and bit the man on the leg.

Because of Jessica's quick action and Princess' attack, she was not injured. Jessica explained to the police that the man never said a word and she did not know if he wanted her or her costume jewelry.

Jessica and Princess have returned to their afternoon walks and are trying to put the incident behind them. The Cherry Hill Police were unable to locate the man and the case remains under investigation.

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