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Top Canine Officer To Retire

Dog handler PC Dan Thomas with Janus (right) who is retiring along with his replacement Zane (left). (c)NewsTeam

He has amassed 433 arrests to his name. Using his searching and tracking skills, he has secured the arrest of 285 crime suspects, and assisted in 157 captures by scaling 6-foot high fences and chasing down suspects. Meet Officer Janus, the canine who has served on the Birmingham, England Police department for nearly ten years. And now after his exemplary service, he is taking a well-earned retirement.

The Belgian Malinois was partnered with handler PC Dan Thomas who says that "Janus has depended on me and I've equally depended on him many times when he's come to my aid and fended off violent offenders." The canine officer defended PC Thomas and others so many times that he has send nearly 60 criminals to the hospital for treatment after they encountered powerful canine.

His handler describes the dog as "one of the force's finest." He explains that Janus has sniffed out more than 10,000 pounds of stolen power tools as well as over 5,000 pounds in cash that was stolen during a security van heist.

PC Thomas, who is keeping Janus as a pet, said, "He's an excellent dog in so many ways, extremely sociable, very playful, agile, fast and highly driven to work. Janus will live out his days with my family and I. He'll be given the best care and attention and rightly so. He's been a pleasure to train, work and live with and if I could turn the clock back and work him again I would."

Janus joined the force when he was just a pup and has worked for nearly ten years. According to West Midlands Police Dog Unit Manager, Inspector Russ Evans said that "at the time of his retirement, Janus was among the oldest operational general purpose dogs we've ever had. There are no set retirement dates for our dogs. It all depends on the individual dog and Janus was still scaling 6-foot fences and chasing down suspects in his final few months with the force."

The West Midlands Police Department began recruiting Belgian Malinois about ten years ago. "They exhibit energy levels that are among the highest of all dog breeds, love new challenges and are relatively easy to obedience train."

"The bond between any dog and owner is special but the bond between a working dog and handler is amazing," says PC Thomas. "We've been through so much together and have spent more time with him over the last few years than my own family! He'll be given the very best care and attention in retirement and loved for the rest of his days."

Along with living with PC Thomas and his family, Janus will also work to help train his replacement, Zane.

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