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Saving Julie and Henry

Henry along with Martin Clues and his owner Julie Barrett.

Henry was a mess. The English Springer Spaniel had been left in his home for several weeks without food or water while his owner was working in another part of the country. After his neighbors were alerted by his cries and contacted the police, his owner decided to board him the next time he left town. Unfortunately, he never returned for Henry.

The now abandoned dog had major issues to overcome. Henry developed a very serious stomach virus but managed to overcome it. Because of the illness, he was severely underweight and because of the neglect, Henry's coat was extremely matted and stained with urine. He had an infection in his ears and his skin and nose were very sore. The Springer was also afraid of everything, hated closed doors, was obsessed with food and could not be left alone.

Julie Barrett had several medical problems. She had been diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalopathy Fibromyalgia and diabetes. When she decided to adopt Henri, it was a win-win situation for them both. The two formed a strong bond and Julie nurse the loving canine back to the loving and happy dog that he once was.

In exchange for her love and caring, Henri returned the kindness that she gave to him. He helped her when she suffered a panic attack and helped her to regain her confidence around people. Henri was also able to warn her when her blood sugar levels were dropping just from the smell of her breath. "Henry had started displaying signs of sensing my low blood sugar levels himself and he would start licking me and pawing at me," explains Julie. "So he spent some time with a trainer to develop this." He also helped her through her mourning after her father passed.

But Henri became a hero too, by saving Julie's life. One day, Julie was not feeling well and was asleep on the sofa. Henry began to act very strangely and began to pull Julie's mother over to the sofa. Julie's mother realized that her daughter was burning up with fever and was unconscious. It turned out that Julie had developed Septicaemia and needed an operation to remove some infected tissue from her leg. Julie's mom was sure that if Henry had not alerted her, Julie probably would have died.

The story of Henry and Julie spread throughout the United Kingdom and impressed famed British actor Martin Clues, who selected Henry as the first winner of the Buckham Fair Rescue Dog Championship. Julie, from Beer, Devon in England, decided to donate the winnings to the Dogs4Adoption organization. He will also be the cover dog in a booklet which will feature rescued dogs and have his portrait painted by artist Aviva Halter-Hurn.

Henri was also honored with the best rescue story at the Burgess Wetnose Animal Rescue Awards in London. This honor is awarded to a pet and his parent who have helped to heal each other's lives through their love.

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