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Silky Saves Family From Fire

A Queensland, Australia, a Silky Terrier has officially been hailed a hero because the nine-year-old pooch saved his owner from a house fire. “It was about 1:30 am when I woke up to find Heidi sitting on my chest absolutely screaming," recalled owner Reimers, who is confined to a wheelchair after he had to have his leg amputated.

Fortunately, Reimers was awaken in time to escape the blaze that nearly destroyed his entire home. Outside, Heidi’s owner was only concerned about his faithful friend. "I got the ambulance guy to check her out straight away. My concern was Heidi; she's a very special little dog," Reimers said.

While Reimers was being checked over at the hospital, Heidi stayed with friends, who said that the little dog cried all night because she was worried about her owner. Once Reimers returned home, he says that his little pal was not the same. “Whenever I leave the room or go away for a day, she worries about me and never leaves my side when I get home.”

Because of her bravery, Heidi received an Animal Achievement Award from the RSPCA Queensland. Reimers was thrilled and excited for his tiny hero when she was presented with a glass trophy and a juicy bone. He promises that Heidi will be fed sirloin steak for the rest of her life as well as receive unlimited morning cuddles.