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Upside Down Fish


When Liam Matthews purchased the goldfish four years ago, it swam perfectly normal; however, one day all that changed. The fish – nicknamed "Aussie" – has decided to see the world in a new way and spends it's time on earth swimming upside down as well as becoming quite a tourist attraction.

Aussie has floated around with its white belly pointing upward and its eyes staring down for the past four years. It even eats upside down. "We've had her checked out and she's in good health," says Liam. "I suppose she just likes to see the world from that point of view.

Fish experts say Aussie swims upside down because it has a rare problem with its swimming bladder – but appears to be in no distress. The gold fish shares the tank with another fish named Eddie – who swims normally.aussie with Liam Matthews

Customers at the Globe Inn in Devon, England, where Aussie resides, spend hours watching the upside down swimmer. He was recently visited by an RSPCA inspector after an anonymous caller complained about the fish's health. But according to Liam: "The inspector told us that fish didn't seem stressed at all. It's crazy that we had a complaint about our fish. It seems to be having a great time."