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Little Dog Save Family From Big Fire

Little Chloe saved her family from a big fire.

Chloe and her family had settled in for the evening in their Federal Way, Washington home. Suddenly, Chloe saw smoke and wanted to warn the family but what could a little 5 pound Chihuahua do?

As fire began to spread through the house, the little dog sounded the alarm by barking non-stop until the family woke up. "My mom's little 5-pound Chihuahua started barking when she saw the smoke," said Devon Whittlesey. "Smoke was pouring into my room," he said. "I dropped down to my hands and knees and crawled to the front door."

According to Bob Fischer, one of Chloe's owners, "she claws at us when she wants something. She just kept doing it until we woke up and then we looked up and there was smoke everywhere."

All three family members escaped from the blaze along with another canine family member, but when they looked around, little Chloe was nowhere to be found. They watched as the part of the home were Chloe was last seen collapsed to the ground. The family was devastated. But an hour later, firefighters found the little dog alive under the rubble. Although she was covered in ashes, she was fine.

The family was so happy to see little Chloe and are convinced that they would have not survived had it not been for the brave little Chihuahua. "Chloe saved us," added Whittlesey. "We wouldn't have lived. If the flames wouldn't have got us, the smoke would've."

Tracie Fox, Chloe's other owner agrees. "She's got 250 pounds in that little four-pound body." No doubt she saved us."

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