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Dog Saves Owner After Both Are Hit By A Car

Lucy visit her injured owner, John Miles, at the hospital just days after the accident. (MSPCA-Angell)

A dog is considered to be man's best friend. No truer words have been written, especially about a dog named Lucy. She ignored her own injuries to go and get help for her owner after they were both hit by a car.

According to CBS Boston, John Miles and his dog Lucy were out walking in their Dorchester neighborhood when they were both struck by a speeding vehicle while they were crossing the street. Miles was knocked unconscious and it seemed that Lucy was hurt also, but she knew she had to go and get help.

The Husky-Beagle mix limped to the nearest building and barked until someone noticed her and came outside. She was then able to lead them back to Miles, who was still lying in the street. "What I'm being told is she sat there and was crying and everything else, you know because I couldn't get up," Miles explained. "That's the type of dog she is."

After the emergency crews were called, Lucy stayed by Miles' side even after they arrived. "By the time the police and animal control officer arrived, Lucy had braced herself against the nearly unconscious John, refusing to leave his side even as he was lifted into the ambulance," officials said.

The unconscious Miles had two broken legs, a broken arm and 15 facial fractures. Although she was able to go for help, Lucy suffered a torn ACL and leg fractures. Both she and Miles underwent surgery for their injuries and were expected to recover.

"Lucy reminds us all of the important role animals play in our lives," explains Veterinarian Meghan Sullivan. "She's a true hero to John and her family and to all of us. We won't rest until she's back to her active self, enjoying long walks with her family once again."

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