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Scooter and Missy

Glenda Mosher and Missy

Scooter, a Blue Heeler, and Missy, a Border Collie, lived together on a cattle farm in Alberta, Canada with their owners Glenda and Gary Mosher. "To me, it's the perfect team, a Heeler and a Border Collie for cattle. They're just amazing," explains Glenda, who would soon discover just how amazing her canine were.

One evening, Glenda discovered that a cow and calf from a neighboring herd had gotten in her pasture with her cattle. She thought it was a good idea to get them out. When Glenda entered the area and opened the fence, the calf left but the cow did not. "Without any reason, she just suddenly turned and charged," remembers Gary. "The cow hit Glenda in the chest, knocked her down on the ground and rolled her around four times. Fortunately, Missy and Scooter said 'enough is enough, Mama is in trouble' and they just jumped right in there."

Glenda, who was unconscious from her injuries, was facing another attack when Scooter jumped up and bit the cow on the nose and Missy ran and bit its leg. Gary explains that this was so out of character for Missy because she never bites, she just normally circles the cattle to herd them. As soon as the two dogs attacked, the cow turned and left.

Glenda was unconscious from her injuries and was taken to a local hospital. Her injuries included a fractured jaw and skull, broken ribs and a dislocated hip. Glenda is sure that if it had not been for her two dogs, the cow would have continued its attack and she probably would have died.

"Missy and Scooter saved my Mom's life, says Glenda's daughter, Anna Dubois. "There's no question about it. They just knew that she was threatened and they jumped right in. I'm so grateful that they were out with her and that they are so dedicated to our family."

Sadly, Scooter passed away in April of last year in the arms of Glenda and Gary. Scooter and Missy's courageous act was honored at the Purina Animal Hall of Fame in May, where the two were inducted for their bravery. The Purina Animal Hall of Fame was created to honor pets for their intelligence, loyalty and compassion, and by showing unconditional support during difficult times. "Each year, we pay tribute to the heroic acts of pets and service animals across the country and continue to be inspired and awe-struck with each submission we receive," says Mary Siemiesz, Executive Director of the Purina PetCare Legacy. "The Purina Animal Hall of Fame is at the heart of who we are as a company and we are incredibly honored to celebrate these extraordinary heroes that go above and beyond what is expected of them to help saves lives."

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